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July 2000- The Montrose Teen View Falls Into the Hands of a Lunatic  and  Those Little Differences: A Masculine Rebuttal

The Montrose Teen View Falls Into the Hands of a Lunatic

by Nicholas Hagan

    Well, to those of you who read the Montrose Teen View (thank you Allison), I am here to say that we have come to the end of a legacy. Amber Whaley, cofounder and former editor-in-chief of the Montrose Teen View has decided that it is time to pass on the torch. Only now can I, Nicholas Hagan, begin to appreciate what Amber has done in this past year. Amber has worked tirelessly to keep this paper up and running. She has done everything from writing grants to promoting and distributing the paper to writing letters to holding writer's meetings in her own home. Every month she has written articles, formatted the paper, updated the web site (that she created), taken the paper to print, picked it up and distributed it. Not to mention putting up with the View Crew's crap and excuses (actually mostly my crap and excuses). And I am sure she has done a lot more work that I am unaware of. What I am trying to say is that Amber has invested a lot of time and effort into creating and maintaining a newspaper that, while not very well known or with a large circulation, is one of the best examples of someone, youth or otherwise, who decided that they were going to do something. And Amber, you have. Thank you for your dedication and determination.
    And with that, here I am. Hopefully I will be able to keep this paper rolling merrily along. But the only way I can do that is if YOU help (Why do I feel like a PBS funds solicitor?). The Montrose Teen View is (or is trying to be) just that; The Montrose Teen View. If you have something to say, which I know you do, then we have space to print it (under most circumstances; you can't hold me to most of what I say). The Montrose Teen View was created by teens for teens. Help us live up to our name.

Those Little Differences: A Masculine Rebuttal
by Brian Brim and Aaron Delman
Editor's Note: The story "Those Little Differences" was first published in the May 2000 issue of the Montrose Teen View and was written by "Eleanor Rigby." The following article is a response written by two teenage males.
    In reading the article "Those Little Differences," by Eleanor Rigby, in the May issue of the View, we (Brian Brim and Aaron Delman) found many generalizations of the male sex. These generalizations are offensive because they were not thoroughly studied and are untrue in many cases. There are many differences between boys and girls, not that we are experts on either side, but we do know when we find a flaw. The Bathroom, however dreadful at 6:30 in the morning, we still must use. And yes, us guys do use it. The seven bathroom "essentials" that are mentioned in the last article seem to imply that guys are not very concerned with their hygiene. This is not necessarily true. Many guys in fact do use other "essentials," such as shampoo. Some guys even comb their hair.
    Many people decorate their lockers, and many people do decorate them with nude, or barely clothed sex symbols. The statement in, "Those Little Differences," that girls decorate their lockers with nothing risqué, and guys seem to put up nothing but unclothed women is very stereotypical and hypocritical. I have seen countless numbers of girls' lockers with cut outs of guys wearing nothing but a thong and so forth. I have also seen guys' lockers without any pictures of women, clothed or not. Our locker had a picture of Angus Young, an old school rocker, who is not at all attractive. Locker decoration is based on individuals' taste not testosterone.
    There are many differences between girls and guys, but it seems that the ones mentioned in the May issue of the The View are all personal differences that are clumped into stereotypes. Guys are different than girls. Guys are different than other guys. Girls are different than other girls. Maybe this is what makes the Earth a good place to everyone to live.

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