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What are ReVIEWs?
A column, voicing opinions on CDs, Movies, and Books.

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Movie Review
Jakob the Liar

You'd never guess a radio would cause too much trouble, but in Jakob the Liar, it is the root of trouble. The movie takes place somewhere in Poland around 1944. Jakob, the main character, lives in the Ghetto. When Jakob was out after curfew, he was sent to the head patrol man. While in the main office, he overheard the radio announcing that the Russians were attacking the Germans. Jakob then tells his best friend the good news. His friend accidentally mistook Jakob's news and thought that Jakob was hiding a radio. Hiding a radio meant death in the Ghetto. This leads to a flood of lies and causes all kind of trouble. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a  movie with suspense and adventure. Go check it out!!

-by Celia Hagan

Book Review
Angela's Ashes
by Frank McCourt

At first glance this book may seem quite ordinary, even dull . . .  it is only a memoir. Angela's Ashes however turned out to be a wonderful story worth reading. Born to Irish parents in America, Frank McCourt begins his life in Brooklyn, New York. By the time he is five, his family has moved back to Limerick, Ireland. His father is a drunk who spends all the family's money on liquor, practically leaving the four children and mother to starve. The McCourt family faces many tragedies and travesties, creating a sad and depressing story of poverty. Despite this, McCourt’s writing style incorporates a humor to keep the reader going. It is told in the perspective of young Frank, wondering about the world_ especially the adult world that is kept a secret. This childlike look at life makes the book very honest and touching. Filled with description it is a wonder how McCourt was able to remember all that he writes about, some sixty years later. This book will have you crying, laughing and feeling uplifted. As soon as I finished, I knew what was next . . .  a trip to the library to check out ‘Tis, Frank McCourt’s sequel to Angela's Ashes.

-by Allison Masters

CD Review

Sorry, no music review this month. I am so unorganized. . . Amber, HELP!! -Nick

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