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Volunteer Opportunities

Organization Contact Person Address Phone Area of Position Specific On-Going Jobs Specific Projects How Often Time of Day Age Range Transportation Required Commitment Terms Assigned Community Service Training Required Other Comments
Montrose Memorial Hospital Kay Kirkland 800 S. 3rd, Montrose, CO 240-7345 Administrative Filing, Data Entry, Copying N/A Depends, Weekly hours Afternoon 16 & over No As long as possible for various jobs Depending on Conviction Yes, depending on job N/A
Montrose Senior Center Mike Hepp P.O. Box 790, Montrose, CO 249-7015 Community Outreach Spending time with elderly, reading, delivering food N/A Open Open 16 & Over No Open Yes Yes, provided N/A
Montrose Pavillion Mike Hepp P.O. Box 790, Montrose, CO 249-7015 Maintenance Yard Work, Landscaping, cleaning, recycling, gardening, (via Botanical Society) Performance Support (loading in, ushering) Open Open 16 & over No Open Yes Yes, Provided N/A
Montrose Library Janet Oslund 320 S. 2nd, Montrose, CO 249-9656,EXT. 327 Community Outreach Arts & Crafts with Kids, Customer Service, Clerical, Shelving N/A Depends on time of year Afternoons 14 & over No Minimum of 20 hours a week (including training) Yes (per Janet's Approval) Yes, 1 hour N/A
Montrose Library Shirley Bleier 320 S. 2nd, Montrose, CO 249-9656 Administrative Shelving Books, reading/organizing shelves N/A Weekly Open 15 & over No Open No Yes, 2 hours N/A
Partners Libby Singer 165 Colorado Ave. Montrose, CO 249-1116 Community Outreach N/A Assisting with their month activites with kids Monthly Depends 15 & over No None N/A No N/A
Montrose Animal Shelter Jackie N/A 240-1487 Maitnence Walking and Watering the dogs, yard work, cleaning cages and runs N/A Open Mornings, Weekends 14 & over No Open Yes No N/A
Aquatic Center Tanya Berkholder N/A 249-7705 Administrative Filing, computer work, answering phones, Customer service, cash register N/A Open Afternoons 13 & over No Open, espeically for Summer Yes Yes, supervised for the first 8 hours N/A
Valley Manor Ann Wyatt 1401 S. Cascade, Montrose. CO 249-9634 Community Outreach Arts & Crafts, Reading with elderly Helping with parties, Bingo on Friday mornings, anyone who would like to play an instrument Open Open 13 & over No Open Depends No, ongoing assistance needed N/A
Habitat For Humanity Kelly Raymond 611 South Hillcrest, Montrose, CO 249-2257 Maintenance Light construction, cleaning Jobs are specific, based on where Habitat is buliding a house and when. Open Weekends 14 & over No No N/A Yes, provided while working May not be currently running
Chamber Of Commerce Marge or Aneta 1519 Main St. or Ute Museum 249-5000 Administrative Customer service, i.e. giving directions, talking about tourist attractions N/A Open Afternoons & Weekends Teens, mature and familiar with the Montrose Area No N/A N/A No N/A
Tri Country Resource Pat or Jan P.O. Box 3509 Montrose, CO 249-8345 Community Outreach Babysitting, arts & crafts with kids Sorting donations Weekly Afternoon, evenings, maybe weekends Open No 1 month Yes, no violent crimes No N/A
The Montrose Teen View Amber Whaley 645 S. 5th c/o Youth Central, Montrose, CO 249-6567 Admin. and Community Outreach Writing, and reporting on the Montrose area, and other topics of interest. Delivering and brainstorming N/A Open Open Any youth willing to take on the responsiblity of deadlines, and willing to have fun! No As long as you want Can't really help ya there, would if we could No N/A

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