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Calling All Writers !!!

Hey you!! Yeah, Iím talking to you. Thatís right, you read this paper? How about writing for it? Are you up to the challenge? Well The Montrose Teen View is waiting for you!  Have you ever felt the need to express yourself and actually have people hear what you are saying? The Montrose Teen View is the perfect opportunity for you to express yourself creatively and get your voice heard. Anyone who is interested in becoming involved with The View is welcome to join us. The Montrose Teen View is a independent paper written by teens for teens in the Montrose area - spotlighting businesses, issues, and activities geared towards youth. Anyone who is interested in writing for the View or would like more information, please contact Nick at 249-0169, or e-mail us at Remember this is the perfect opportunity to step it up! Get involved in your community and begin to make a difference!!

To submit work to the View, please e-mail us at the address above or send your work snail mail to:

Montrose Teen View
2028 Cambridge St.
Montrose, CO 81401

The Montrose Teen View accepts poetry, artwork, CD reviews, book reviews, movie reviews, opinion pieces, and other writing by youth in the Montrose area.

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