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What is View From My Window?
An article on what’s happening in Montrose.

Another Editor's Note
A letter from the Editor-

    Sorry this issue isn't up to the regular Montrose Teen View standards. I am totally computer illiterate,, lacking writers and material and still getting used to all the editor stuff. So please bear with us (or me, actually). This issue is not the regular size and is missing the Point of View columns, a music review, most of the calendar, the Splash section and probably a lot more that I am still unaware of. Hopefully the next issue will be regular size, better organized and containing more material. Which is where you come in. Now I know you've heard this all before but it still rings true; we need more writers! Even if you don't know what to write, contact us and just say 'hey, I wanna write for the View' and we'll hook you up. We have regular meetings (or at least we used to with Amber, there's no telling if "regular" meetings will continue or not) and if you contact us, we'll tell you when the next one is (usually they are posted in the the calendar but I'm not that organized yet). If you have something to say or something to write about, then we'll print it (99% of the time; you can't hold me to most of what I say).
    Also the View would like to thank KN Energy for their donation to the View through their grant program. Your contribution is very much appreciated as is anyone's (hint, hint).
    Until next time, keep those submissions coming!

Nicholas Hagan
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